About Us

Who is Magic Moon?
Fed up with inconsistent needles and low quality products. Jörn Elsenbruch founded Magic Moon Needles/Tattoo Supply in an effort to make tattooing better for himself and his colleagues. Now the same quality products American tattooers would bring back from Europe are available here in the US.

Who is Magic Moon USA?
Magic Moon USA is operated by Karina Figueroa, Evan Torres and Ricky Baronowski. Karina had her first introduction to Magic Moon Needles while guest spotting at the Sinner and the Saint in Aachen, Germany. When offered the chance to be the first distributor in the US it simply made sense. Rather than have to stock up on yearly visits abroad, Magic Moon needles would now be readily available in the United States. 

Why are Magic Moon needles more costly then others?
Magic Moon uses only the highest grade steel, and requires rigorous supervision at every stage of needle production. This is what sets our needles apart. It is also the reason why our needles are more costly then others. When you order a specific needle from us you get the same high quality needle each and every time.